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Maintenance in engineering

As part in field of mechanical engineering maintenance doesnt sound so powerful like mechanical design, constructions or manufacturing but it has very important role for every of this part and its link to everyone of them.
Main role of maintenance engineering is to make some machine or some element that has role or is link to some other element durable and long lasting. Product lifecycle must be long and with dowsizing curve of maintenance product. Therefore we must observate all parameters in product and around product and make them more efficent, secure and properly prepared for everyday role of that product.
 Main objectives of maintenance engineering are:
-provide the required level of reliability
-minimize maintenance costs due to failures caused by teh. systems, leading to losses in production
-restrict and slow obsolescence of technical systems
-propose and implement modernization and modifications in order to improve performance and extend product life
-ensure safe operation
-ergonomic design of the workplace
-monitor and improve the safety equipment in order to reduce and eliminate adverse effects on the environment

Every product has its own lifecyle and there is no machine or product that will never be „ill“.
Its about making product more efficent, more productive and more longlasting.
To make that happen there are many fields of maintenace engineering that help us to do so.
Corrective maintenance is based on elimination of damage and failures after they occur.
Before we kick on about corrective maintenance we first must define meaning of word damage and failure.
Damage is change of state of the system or its components that are not bothering to function of system, but it can turn into a failure.
Failure is change of the state of the system or its components, which obstructs or impedes the normal functioning of the system.
Advantage of corrective maintenance in the better use of spare parts and components,
maintenance before the failure, construction of reliable components of technical systems.
Preventive maintenance is based on the performance of a series of interventions by its plans before the injury occurs or failures.
Advantages of preventive maintenance are in reducing time failures, plan and prepare is in advance.
It defines many operations what are in purpose of fulltime supervision and to take certain actions to reduce defects and failures.
CBM (Condition Based Maintenance) The basic approach to CBM depends on to control the level of reliability is reduced to the continuous use of components and technical systems as long as the actual level of confidence within the limits determined values​​.
Advantages are increased security, increased the output (quantity) of the production system, increased the availability and reduce maintenance operations, improved quality of products.

There are different approaches of maintenance and everyone of them is defined in different way for a different operation or type of operation. All type of maintenances have own advantages and disadvantages. In most ways and cases type of maintenance that will be using is defined of properties of elements and machines that will be used in some circumstances or specific situations.