utorak, 3. prosinca 2013.

Use of carbon fiber in engineering

As technology progresses, we are looking for the increasing capabilities of machines, devices and elements that play a role in the functionality. Today the main task is greater efficiency that is more prosperity for some elements or second element. Hi gh tech materials will allow us to very purposefulness of an element and to the machine contribution. A negative factor which is most ruling in the case of selecting the second material is a high price. For the price of one supercar rim, carbon fiber is around 10,000 to 15,000 €. Possible applications are infinite, the basic structural elements in automobiles, mechanical constructions such ship and vessel onwards. The main feature of which is a winning short explanation for all this it has a high tensile strength and low weight. The main feature that made so many uses. Carbon fiber is mostly used in small-series production , a small application use in mass production .But if we interpret carbon fiber for functional side only as an element for weight reduction it is a mistake. During the development of these procedures and the processing and use of carbon fiber , these are  main priority because they get relatively easily formed into the desired final shape or appearance.

As each part of the machine is realized as a function of carbon fiber and its function is realized only if we reach some kind of conditions, as an example I will take brake discs in bikes that are used in moto-racing, in order to be fully effective, first we have to reach operating temperature , that is , neither less nor more than 400 Celsius. Gyroscopic effect is reduced due to the easyness and weight of material .One of the drawbacks of this material is that the majority is made to order, hand-made or manually , so there is small impact or use of this material in automation.Their density is much lower than the density of steel , so they are ideal for use in areas that require low weight and high strength material. A very important feature is that you also have a smaller linear expansion coefficient then most of materials .The material is a winning combination in all aspects of production, to the implementation in various elements and mechanisms and is expected to have a greater range of use in the near future .