utorak, 26. studenoga 2013.

Product assembly

The installation can speak with more facets, it all depends on what kind of assembly we work on, where we work, under what conditions are we working (temperature, position of workers, a way of connecting two functional elements).
In this case, I will describe the installation in effectiveness and efficiency way in certain specific situations.
As you know and assume, the skill of workers is one of most important factors and there is an adverse factor , and that is man. Robotization and automatization is one of increasingly factors that are targeted and there is increasing characteristics of  using such elements in the present time, but sometimes we dont need it when it comes to small-series production and part production of certain elements that are in most cases smaller dimensions .
As an example, I'll describe a hole in the casting furnace for heating elements .
When are we making a hole in which the number of holes is bigger than five, we are using machining centers (five axes, three axes) which prepares the elements for drilling (positioning , preparation tools for processing, cleaning up after previous operations), it takes more time than processing itself, and thus the requires of that production is reduced to man, as in the case of machining centers handling the elements in which the number of small holes are less than 5, the efficiency would not be so great, so more time would be taken away for nothing, bigger consumption of money, less durability of machine in processing would be answer. Just because it boils down to some conditions, standarded by which are settled when and what to choose . As a second example I will take as an example of welding together two elements where are we particularly careful and take into account the cost (the cost of the electrodes , the cost of electric arc , the cost of operating machines etc..). We have a different  procedures of welding , some of which are horizontal , angular , vertical-horizontal and overhead. The efficient costs itself in welding are complicated way down to the fact that there are more negative factors , such as skills of welders, cost, cost of elements for the realization of such compound. As one of the best elements of the indicator spent we have obtained horizontal welding which is today the most used and which is used in the light and in the massive building, while on the other hand we have the angular welding that we have in several versions , ruling factor in this all is engineer (planner) that has a major role to reduce costs and choose favorable conditions of welding.
The quality of materials is also crucial when choosing a welding method, which are more expensive alloys and materials with which it will be welded, and also welding skills of workers welders which unfortunately are not all the same. When we looked with every aspect of everything has its cost some who adjudicate in an element. A welding is used everywhere (steel halls , ships , rail cars , containers).

So alone costs and conditions of exploitation are ruling, and it is depended on many things, so we should look at all aspects, whether it was a massive production or serial or piece production. Everything is purposeful.