četvrtak, 11. srpnja 2013.

Wind energy

As new technologies move on, there are many approaches, inventions and solutions for making something more efficent but cheaper, I am asure that there are several or even dozens solutions what make energy of wind efficient, renewable and most of that all, useful.
Wind is form of solar energy. The term „wind energy“ describes the process by which the wind is used to generate mechanical power or electricity.
Winds are caused by the uneven heating of the atmosphere by the sun, the irregularities of the earth's surface, and rotation of the earth. Wind flow patterns are modified by the earth's terrain, bodies of water, and vegetative cover. There are specialized turbines that convert kinetic energy of wind into a mechanical raw power. A wind turbine is constituted of three or two propeller-like blades called rotor. The rotor is attached at the top. As the wind blows it spins the rotor. As the rotor spins the energy of the movement of the propellers gives power to a generator. There are some magnets and a lot of copper wire inside the generator that make electricity. One wind turbine can generate enough electricity for a single house. As they are higher, they are better for producing more wind energy. It is very high and expensive investment, but it is one of the most efficient ways od producing energy by itself. Turbine is made of blade(rotor), drivetrain, “tower”.
Its all about pressure of wind and about heights in which rotor operates. Wind is clear source of renewable energy, and that is one of the main advantages of wind energy. 
Mass production and technology advances are making turbines cheaper, and many governments offer tax incentives to spur wind-energy development. It is one of the most reliable sources of energy and is booming more and more. A wind turbine creates reliable, cost-effective, pollution free energy. 
As years goes ahead will be seeing more and more types of this free-cost energy that will make our future productive even more and so even much greener in every part of it.
I support this type of energy and I hope it will spread even more.